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The story of Hebrew Senior Care continues to be one of commitment to senior health and wellness, faithfulness to our Jewish heritage, and responsiveness to the community’s needs.  For more than 116 years, Hebrew Senior Care has devoted itself to the care of seniors and has provided senior services through the Jewish tradition of caring for the elderly with compassion and not forsaking the elderly when their strength fails.   Hebrew Senior Care services are open to both the Jewish community and the community at large.  Read about Organizational History  

Why Choose Hebrew Senior Care for Your Care?

Change is the only constant in health care.  The changes seniors face today are bigger and more complex than ever. The single largest generation of Americans is retiring and every day for the next 18 years, 8000 Americans will turn 65 years old.  Bolstered by medical advances and healthier choices, the Baby Boomers will enjoy longer, more active lives than even before.   People are living longer with chronic illness requiring specialized senior care options.   Learn about the specialty services available at Hebrew Senior Care.

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You can be confident knowing that Hebrew Senior Care is one of the state’s leading, trusted providers of senior health services.  As a non-profit health care provider, all of Hebrew Senior Care’s employees are guided by a deep sense of purpose and overwhelming sense of pride in knowing that they provided the best quality health care to a senior in need.  Their goal is to create a care environment that makes patients along with their friends and loved ones feel safe, cared for and comfortable enough to ask any question of their care team.    Meet our Geriatric Experts  



Hebrew Senior Care provides the community with a broad spectrum of exceptional health care and aging services tailored to the needs of each individual.


In all of our programs and services, we will strive to be the provider of choice.


  • We strive to earn the trust of all we serve by practicing transparency in governance and operations, and by living our vision, mission, and core values.
  • We are a non-sectarian organization proud of our historical roots in the Jewish community.
  • We respect the importance of the need for individual choice as essential to providing quality services.
  • We assure informed, dignified quality care to all regardless of source of payment for services.
  • We acknowledge that spirituality is an important dimension of well being.


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