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Hebrew Senior Care

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Deeply devoted lay leadership, a responsibility proudly handed down from generation to generation, best defines the commitment of Hebrew Senior Care’s Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees provides fiscal oversight while honoring the tenets of Judaism providing care to those who came before us regardless of one’s ability to pay and one’s religious affiliation.  Hebrew Senior Care’s lay leadership works in partnership with the talented staff to ensure service lines remain relevant in this fast-changing health care environment, and that standards for care remain at the highest levels.    
Hebrew Senior Care’s Board of Trustees is chaired by Richard C. Robinson and includes a diverse mix of Greater Hartford’s civic, corporate, and healthcare leaders. 
Board of Trustees
Fiscal Year 2018

Chairperson – Richard C. Robinson
Vice Chairperson - E. Merritt McDonough
Vice Chairperson  - Brad M. Hutensky
Vice Chairperson/Secretary - Mark Seltzer
Interim President & CEO - Gary Jones

Honorary Life Vice Chairperson - Anja Rosenberg
Honorary Life Vice Chairperson - Gene Rosenberg
Trustees by Virtue of Office
Chairperson, Hebrew Home & Hospital – Richard C. Robinson
Chairperson, Hebrew HealthCare Foundation - Gary Greenberg
Chairperson, Hebrew Community Services - Mark Seltzer
Chairperson, Hebrew Life Choices - Brad M. Hutensky
Immediate Past Chairperson - Jerry Long
Auxiliary Chairperson - Marcia Sutton

Christopher Cloud
Jeffrey S. Hoffman
Joshua Hollander
Jack Krichavsky
Alan Lazowski
David B. Rosenthal
Judith R. Rosenthal
Richard Rubenstein
Gary R. Schwartz
Debra C. Shulansky
John D. Shulansky


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