Hebrew HealthCare

Our Board

Board of Trustees


Chairperson Ross Hollander
Honorary Life Vice Chairperson - Anja Rosenberg
Honorary Life Vice Chairperson - Gene Rosenberg
First Vice Chairperson - Jerry Long
Vice Chairperson - E. Merritt McDonough, Jr.
Vice Chairperson - Brad M. Hutensky
Vice Chairperson - Mark Seltzer
Vice Chairperson - Deborah Kleinman
Vice Chairperson/SecretaryJosh Hollander
President & CEO - Bonnie B. Gauthier
Executive VP & CFODavid A. Houle

(Officers also serve as Executive Committee Members)

Additional Trustees by Virtue of Office

Ross Hollander (Chairman, Hebrew Home & Hospital)
Gary Greenberg (Chairman, Hebrew HealthCare Foundation)
Mark Seltzer (Chairman, Hebrew Community Services)
Brad M. Hutensky (Chairman, Hebrew Life Choices)
Richard Rubenstein (Immediate Past Chairperson)
Cheryl Bloom (Auxiliary Co-President)
Marcia Sutton (Auxiliary Co-President)


Christopher Cloud
Desmond Ebanks
Peter Evans
Jeffrey S. Hoffman
Gary D. Jones
Michele Kostin
Jack Krichavsky
Alan Lazowski
Irving Moy
Ellen Nestler
Asher Pavel
Richard C. Robinson
David B. Rosenthal
Judith R. Rosenthal
Gary R. Schwartz
Debra C. Shulansky
John D. Shulansky
Bruce Simons



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